Clearing & Declutter Your Home or Work Space

As a Health and Safety Officer and have a passion for cleaning, organize, declutter and redecorate your home and workspace. From years of experience in the corporate field, running my own Guest Home, working and training cleaning staff, I am sure we will be a great asset to you!

Today, our lives have become complicated, stressful, and out of hand. Don't believe me? Try getting on the phone with your high-speed internet provider or remembering the passwords for the bazillion online accounts you have, or reconciling a health insurance claim.

Getting organized at home is a way to manage the things you do have control over. Here are a few reasons that a good old decluttering is all you need to find clarity in all aspects of your life:


1. It awakens new energy
We already know that everything is made up of energy. After all, it's physics. When you create order out of chaos with your belongings, you are literally moving atoms around. After a cleaning session, I'll often stand with the client and spend some time taking it all in. During those moments, there is palpable positive energy in the air. Pathways have opened up to allow wonderful electrons to dance in new ways, and energetic shifts seem to awaken new creativity in the space.

2. It helps you see yourself clearly.
People often use disorganization and chaos as their excuses for not getting stuff done. When you get organized, you are able to see everything, including yourself, more clearly. As with putting on a new pair of glasses, things come into focus. There are fewer places to hide, which allows you to show up for yourself and others more fully.

3. It boosts productivity.
When things are in disarray, they take longer to find. Clutter makes it difficult to assess and prioritize what needs to get done at work or at home. You end up spending more energy navigating the clutter than actually being creative and producing results. When there's order, the opposite is true. Need I say more?

4. It makes you a model for others (especially kids).
Kids watch and absorb not only what we say but what we do. If you did not have parents who modelled organization, chances are you've suffered trying to figure it out for yourself. We have an opportunity to teach our kids how to be organized early on when things are simpler so that when life gets more complicated they have skills that will service and support them.

5. It promotes peace.
When people walk into my home, they often comment on how calm they feel. I attribute that to the fact that everything has its place. This promotes a sense of peace and calm that counters the chaotic energy of messiness. When clutter takes over, things feel shackled and restrained. When a space has order, there's a feeling of freedom.

Which will you choose?

If you need any advice on clearing your home or work space, then give us a call or drop a mail.