Housekeeping in the Guest House and Motor Workshop Trade

Storage and stacking of stock in the motor trade
26th Feb 2018
Generally the housekeeping of workshops are very important, not just is it the vision they are giving to the clients, buy also safety. In motor workshops we deal with oil spills, chemical and water spills, not to mention old use parts that is immediate disposed of. Each work bench need to be well maintained and cleaned daily, by workshop cleaners as well as the motor technician. By keeping the bay clean, it helps to find tools more easy, know what you working with and it just has a sense of pride when your vehicle is in for that service repair.
Below is picture samples, is an untidy work station, two oil drainages that can cause a worker to slip if it is messed on floors, and lastly the machines use to clean floors and any spills. Workshop cleaners use these cleaning machine non stop to clean the workshop. At the end of the day every work station and workshop must be clean and tidy for the next day.