Storage and stacking of stock in the motor trade

Housekeeping in the Guest House and Motor Workshop Trade
26th Feb 2018
Equipment and Tools
26th Feb 2018
In the motor trade stock is kept at a minimum to reduce the risk of having to much stock on hand and also to keep the storage area small. The parts store cage, or room is must be clearly marked as per parts also easy accessible, aisles must be clear and easy to move around. By having the stock coded and clearly marked makes it also easy for stock takes.
For stability steel rack and shelves are erect, with bins color coded and marked. This also provide more space and stock can be stored on different levels.
Below are some picture examples of storage cages and parts warehouse.
In every workshop we deal with hazardous chemicals as well as used parts that is dangerous to the environment as well as the safety of the workers. It is very basic, these chemicals and used parts like oil filters and used motor oils, must be kept in a locked area and tanks. Chemicals like brake cleaner that is flammable must be locked in the workshop storeroom and also not near flammable equipment. Used filter or motor oil must be kept in locked containers, bins or tanks, that can be collected for recycling for example Wasteman.
Below are some example pictures of chemicals as mentioned above and how motor technicians go deal with used recyclable chemicals and parts.
Safety signs as well as color coding is very important to the workshop, or any business. It is very much self explainable, signs must be adhere to, it must be visible and clear. Below is a chart of safety signs that you will find in every workshop.